Cool Guy

  1. Never seen football. But, will wear man united jersey. Messi is the only player he knows. Ronaldo, Ronaldinho #sameguy for him.
  2. Never heard Metallica before. But first one to buy tickets of their concert. ‘Coolest thing ever’. Will go for concert and get surprised ‘Metallica is name of a band and not of a single lady like Maddona.’
  3. Will watch the first show of ‘Ice Age 4’. In Hindi.
  4. Never wears watch. Checks time in his cell phone.
  5. Doesn’t know Chetan Bhagat. But ‘The 3 mistakes of my life’ is his favorite.
  6. Will drive in Porsche. But print a vampires Logo on it. And ya, he is driving in Pors Key!
  7. Will wear MUFTI jeans. Below the waist. Obviously to show the French Jockeys.
  8. Will sign up for blogger. Post lyrics of Pink Floyd songs as a post and share it on facebook. Then send link to all girls in his friend list and say ‘Hey! Check out the cool poem written by me!’
  9. Will go to pubs. Try hard at wooing girls. But will see any random girl and say. ‘Oh shit! She’s my ex! Oh shit! She’s coming towards me! Oh shit! What will I do now! God please save me! Oh shit!’
  10. Will wear Che Guevara T shirts but will pretend and ask ‘Who is Anna Hazare?’
  11. Will never watch Star World. But say ‘How I met your mother is my favorite.’ Will watch CID all the time but say to his friends ‘DEXTER ka latest episode dekha kya? My god kya fucking tha!’ He knows his friends never watch it, hence.
  12. Will go to Juhu beach for a trip. Act like its Bondi beach.
  13. Will use internet slang in real conversation. Will pronounce ‘LOL’ as ‘Lawl’, ‘ROFL’ as ‘Roffle’ or the worst, ‘LMAO’ as’ Limeow’.
  14. Will have high end laptop. But will use it only for playing GTA and IGI. Occasionally, open PowerPoint and create cool banners of his name.
  15. Will buy iPad 3 and play Rohan Rathore’s ‘Tune mere jana’ on it. Will keep Salman Khan as wallpaper and Waka Waka as ringtone.

P.S- If anything written in the post offends or hurts your sentiments/feelings then please let us know. So that we can make more jokes on you.


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