Student Of The Year

It’s really been a long time since I liked any movie. Given that I watch less and don’t have the perfect sense like all Emraan Hashmi fans.


Kis angle se yeh students lagte hain?

So with the Student Of The Year. Yes, it was a bad movie. You can’t stand a dull college life being portrayed in front of you for hours long. Also, the alma mater shown in the movie is nowhere close to the one you study. Unless, of course, you have a gay principal and blonde classmates. Right from the story to direction to performances, everything in the movie goes wrong. Music, too, is girly. And painful too ears. The lead actors too are plain boring. Varun is too cliched and more like a coolest guy of 90’s. Siddharth has few good portions and that’s it. Aalia is irritating. Barring that bikini scene, you need lot of patience to watch her. Other guys too are stupid.

So, if you’re really confused to watch it or not, don’t settle on former. More if you hate regretting and can’t stand nonsense at all.

PS- The last scene where Sudo freaks out is really good. Watch it, if you’re going to.


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