Samsung ka Galaxy phone leke facebook pe aise status update karnewalo jaise koi iPhone liya ho, kasam truck mein bheje gaye har ek chillar ki, AAP CHUTIYE HAIN.


A Cool Guy On Facebook

1. Creates a facebook account. Will everyday upload picture of flowers, babies or coffees with caption ‘Good Morning’ and tag bunch of his female friends. Will check notifications for a while and then comment ‘Hey! Good morning to bolo koi?!’

2. Will post after a cricket match, ‘Congratulations Sachin, you make us feel proud! You are Goddddd. Or mantion whoever scores a century.

3. Will buy a DSLR. Create a facebook fan page. Click shitty photographs and post in album ‘MY EXPERIMENTS’. Like a boss.

4. Posts song lyrics. Expects sympathy from contemporary girls. Blah.

5. Wears Being Human T shirt. For facebook profile picture. (Hahahah!)

6. Does spike. Wears crumpled jeans. And sunglasses- 10x the size of his eyes. Snap photos. Post in album, ‘Mah coool styl£ !!!’

7. Will see a hot chick in city. Send her friend request before she reaches home.

8. Puts status message. Likes it himself.

9. Goes to roadside Chinese thela. Checks-in through ‘KFC’.

10. Goes to CCD. Says to his friend ‘Hey, achhese khinch, CCD ka logo aana chahiye background mein. Kal facebook pe upload karne hai saare photos!’

P. S.-  If anything written above agitates you, cool. You can tweet/blog against me. Thank You.