Shit Happens!

It’s not an article. It’s outburst. It’s not a result of lengthy research. I never do that. Neither I reflect nor do I analyze. I speak what my mind echoes. And that goes precise, all the time. I don’t speak against system or anyone in personal. I speak against decisions. Those ruin lives. And, as accustomed, I don’t care about upshots.

CBSE. Or CBSC. Or whatever. I still don’t know what it is exactly. But it’s drivel. It’s introduced so that kids in our state can compete with kids of other states. So uncool. That’s the root of India as I said earlier, the race. But it speaks volume about or political ineptitude. These wise people need to understand that when India loses match against Australia, we change our strategies. Change the management sometimes. Plan hard, strive harder. But we don’t change the color of our jerseys to yellow. That’s it. Bringing in CBSE was sheer sign of our vulnerable determination.

And the fact of assigning this year the tag of ‘experiment’ is ridicule in point of fact. So we are not sure of our results and consequences but we want to move ahead. Great. Even a kid makes sure the key is winded before flaunting his fancy toys. The thing irritates a lot. That’s what all the parents think stamping our fates. That’s what makes us losers. That’s what takes away the life. The experiment.

Not that it is bad. It is wrong. Learning was possible without CBSE. Not that CBSE is beyond intellectual capability. It is overemphasized. It is overrated. It is mandatory. It’s like spending grands on dinner at five star and eating what waiter chooses for you. No priorities at all. No space for creativity. No space to think beyond and prove the potential. No space at all.

Moreover, very few people identify with the things taught. I personally don’t identify with any of the things. Neither I’m interesting in lying down new axioms for speed and velocity nor do I want to play with chemicals for rest of my life. I don’t wish to become a vet and thus have no concern for learning anatomy of lizards. I don’t know what this log table is and I don’t wish to know. It’s not I don’t want to learn. It’s not I’m against it. It’s I can’t do it. It’s beyond my capabilities. You may call me a loser and that’s it. But I don’t like this tag of inferiority. If you don’t like shirts with half sleeves you go for full sleeves. And the vice versa. Every small thing in life has got options but the thing that decides your fate for the entire lifetime hasn’t got any. Even if it has, they are insufficient and unsatisfactory. Knowledge is not the only thing required to survive. You ought to know the world, surpassing parameters laid by education. You ought to see the world beyond the vision of your parents and teachers. Not that they are wrong, but you’re doing it wrong if you don’t have a separate opinion. You should die.

Remove all the doctors/ engineers and India is a big hole. Hard to digest yet true. And that’s the true India. Led by creativity and backed with talent. Very few people try to become something else other than that. Not because they have lesser grades but because they have the stronger will. I’m not opposing the idea of becoming doctor, I’m laughing at the reason behind the idea of becoming a doctor.

Learning science is presently all about dealing with spits. Those with higher grades have to wipe the spits of other people and those with lesser grades have to lick. But spit is a spit after all. No using your brain and no reflecting your own ideas. You have to follow Newton and Einstein without any questions in your brain. If you have, kill it and rot the answers found by these great people. But don’t use your brain. Otherwise we’ll knock you out of the race. That’s the science college. The moment you join science is the moment your life gets a full stop. It’s the end. No beyond and nothing further. Worse, if don’t have little bit of Einstein in your genes. You’re dead. You’ll experience deathly pricks and pangs each moment. Dump your dreams and set your desires on fire. Just hope, you survive.



Casual Outburst

Race. Sounds cool and interesting. Moral or immoral. Required or not. People in India will always be excited about it. Worse if you are a student. Your life is all about race. One more race. Some more races. And the end. They will make you run. It’s their innate right and they shall have it. India is your country and this all is mandatory.

It’s good. Running the race is first step towards feeling the exhilaration of victory. Yes. Run. But make sure you are going to win. Otherwise don’t. Stop where you are and let the crowd go ahead. Let them win. Let them shine. Let them lose. Let them fall.

Being loser. That’s the bad. We Indians suck at letting the things go. From money to virginity. Nothing goes off with ease. Everything sucks. But do it. Let few things go away. We love our pets. Not the smell of their shits.

People will call you loser. Okay. Their ass. Ours is a land of heroes. Everyone wants to be hero. Everyone wants to be best. Everyone tries to be best. Tries to convey they are best. Sounds cool but don’t fall for that shit. Be bad. Be mad. Be glad.

Try. Keep trying. Failure is first step towards success. No. These all are fucked up axioms laid by fucked up people. People who lost their senses. People who are always busy being practical. They never know what life is, in point of fact. Failure never leads you to success. Unless you’re trying to invent new law of gravity. So always remember. Be a winner. Back off if you think you can’t win. Stay quiet. Reflect. Analyze and PWN all other intellectuals.

Never follow the crowd. Never ask anyone for any advice. No one understands your potentials better than you. Just like you never ask the sales guy to choose the best color of briefs for you. You do it on your own. Sometimes you end up picking the wrong.  You regret it and avoid repeating that mistake. But you’ll never ask the sales guy to do that for you. Same way. Be stupid. Do stupid shit. Revamp it. But don’t seek advices.

In India, doctors and engineers steal away all the limelight. Sorry if you are one. But I’d never relate to these people. I’d never respect you for that sole reason. Get a life, I’d say instead. Being doctor just because all intelligent people are the same is not a sign of intelligence. You’re idiot. A kind of idiot who follows another idiot blindly.

Not that I always listen to my teachers. Not that I’m pointing out odds of someone. But my imaginary teacher always told me- Newton brought out the revolutionary change in field of Science but no one gave him money even to cut his hairs. Not that money is what life is all about. But yes. I need money. I want crazy lifestyle. I want pleasurable weekends. I want extravagant delights. I don’t want respect. I have self-respect. I care enough to follow my conscience all the time.

Okay. As I always say. You’re young. You can think. Do your own thing and don’t fall for anyone.

The Scramble- II

Part II/III. This is a series, read my first post before moving on to this. You can check it here.

The tour was ensuing as expected. Things were going good. They both got well along. Their relationship fostered with plenty of love and camaraderie to blend in. Aaryan introduced her to all his mates. After all, he was proud of his spouse. Diya too was a kind girl and soon got be friends with them. Sammy, Aaryan’s alter ego. They both would never do without each other. May it be their practice sessions or just vagabonding around the city, they needed each other. Sammy was still trying his guts to get into the team. He was chosen, but the troop was packed. He had no place there and hence had to warm the benches for years. Meanwhile, Aaryan continued with his impressive cricket and soon became an important part of the team- the skipper.

Everything was perfect in Aaryan’s life. He got all that he desired. A great cricket career, extravagant lifestyle and a hot life partner, loyal too. Diya too was happy at the way her life blended. A caring husband and yes, a hero, what else did she desire?

Sammy would take her on a stroll around the city as he had visited it before. She too, as a mere pass time, accompanied him when Aaryan was busy in his games. Sammy was generous and kind hearted and treated her like his best buddy. Diya too liked being with Sammy as he was a great entertainer. His puns impressed her. The friendship grew, along with the pressure that started mounting on Aaryan as his side lost three consecutive games. Criticism flooded in through country and Aaryan, the skipper was held responsible for it. It made him lose his concentration. A couple of bad scores were added to his stats as he ended throwing his wicket on bad deliveries. His side ended up with a white wash and the idea of new team rooted in. The bad performers were to be axed. Fingers were crossed. Aaryan, being an outstanding player was given another chance despite his failure.

The decision made Vick lose his temper. He was disappointed at selector’s preferring Aaryan as a captain, overlooking his good performance. He was so not happy. He wanted Aaryan to be prosecuted at any cost. But, he was not entertained. He was given an ultimatum; play under his captaincy or bugger off. Vick was not meant to be silent. He was in search of fuel that would ignite a spark. He would then pour out his rage in that spark and set fire to everyone’s dream. He thought of a plan.

“You deserved place in the team buddy. I had lots of things in mind but as of now, I’ve no authority. My road is blocked but you still have hopes. I heard you’re in great terms with Aaryan’s chick, persuade her and you’re in the team.” Vick said, to Sammy. Vick was sure; Sammy would fall to his words and end up doing a stupid act. Sammy followed Vick’s instructions and pleased the wicked sire.

“I would rather die than not helping my best friend. I shall go straight away to Aaryan and beg him to include you in the team” Diya said, Sammy felt ecstatic. The joy of dreams coming true is altogether a different one.

She spoke to Aaryan about Sammy in so pleasant and pretty manner that Aaryan could not stop her. When she finished, Aaryan said that it was wrong to include Sammy in team just because he was a close friend. He also added that Sammy’s stats were so less impressive than other contemporaries to make it to the national team. However, Diya begged her husband to include him in the team in next match, or the next series at least. She told how hard working Sammy was. “He needs to do more to deserve what he desire. He’s my friend and I know how hard he is striving to put on the blue jersey.” Aaryan said. Aaryan was not convinced, in spite of her sweet words. Diya was very surprised that she had to beg so much for Aaryan to comprise Sammy who was so close to her.

Aaryan had a great match next day. A terrific win and a glorious ton to complement that. Yet again, a match that was lost in horizons of defeat was brought back by Aaryan. This time, with a little bit of help from Vick. Vick was the man who supported Aaryan till the end. Aaryan was impressed by Vick and called him for dinner at his place. Vick willingly accepted the proposal and soon prepared for a thrilling evening. Both of them went together at Aaryan’s house after celebrating the victory with other mates. When they reached there, they saw Sammy bidding good bye to Diya. Sammy waved hands at Aaryan and went. “I do not like this.” Vick whispered, loud enough for Aaryan to hear. Aaryan didn’t say anything. They all had dinner in sheer silence. Aaryan instructed Vick to be on ground early next morning.

Vick got up early next day and headed straight way towards ground. Aaryan was already there, he was not pleased with the delay. They had good time in nets, they hit the ball in right areas and managed to get their mojos back. Aaryan was pleased by performances of his mates. “Can we have a coffee together?” Vick asked Aaryan after their session was done. “Umm, okay sure.” Aaryan replied. Vick was a wise man. He had already influenced Sammy about the greatness of a local café, and in turn, to take Diya there so that she is impressed. He took Aaryan at the same café and about same time. Aaryan, as obvious was shocked to see Diya and Sammy.

“Sammy is not to be trusted.” Vick uttered. Aaryan was disappointed. The situation also made Aaryan remember Vick’s whispered words- ‘I do not like this’- when they saw Sammy bidding good bye to Diya. That put Aaryan in a deep mental trouble.