The Story Of Ravan


The freak!

Ravan is said to have been born in the village of Bisrak which was founded by his father, Bisesvara. Instead of burning effigies of Ravan, the residents of Bisrakh worship Lord Shiva cos Ravan was a follower of Shiva. While the rest of the world believes that Ravan is a demon who kidnapped Sita. #FunFact: Women there worship Ravan.

He had power over Navagrahas ie nine planets. According to reteurs, he was a member of Lords’ community on Facebook but then was discarded from there and sent to pariah on earth. He was cursed to die by the hands of God (not Mark Zuckerberg) to attain salvation.

Ravana’s great-grandfather was Brahma, a deity. His grandmother was a demon. Ravana’s father was a sage and his mother was a rakshasa – a type of demon. So, he was a byproduct of all these genes.

Lanka originally belonged to Ravana’s half-brother Kubera, the Lord of the treasures of Swarga. Ravana and his rakshasa allies demanded Lanka from him. Ravana and Kuvera’s father Visrawas advised Kubera to give it up as Ravana cannot be killed by any celestial being. Ravana thus became the curator of Lanka.

Ravana’s sexual prowess is important to note as it plays a critical part in his legacy and downfall. Even as a young man he shamelessly violated women, and blessed with awesome strength, became an immensely virile rakshasa. He was a master of tantric vidya, or magical sexual arts.

Although Ravana was married to Mandodari, the daughter of Asura Maya, he captured thousands of women from his conquests and maintained a harem of unparalleled size.

When, mother Sita was in his captivity, he was cursed that his hands will break if he became horny. Hence, all the Chinese sellers and manufacturing companies of Chowmein were strictly told to move their bases to some other place. And that’s how they went to China, according to India TV.

Q. Differentiate between Ravan and Ra.One (10 marks)